Medical Billing Service

ZAS Management Systems provides medical billing services for physicians of all specialties and practices of all sizes. We are also proud to offer best-in-class customer service, which includes software implementation and training, as well as ongoing support.

Medical Billing Service

Our full-service medical billing services includes billing, coding and collections. We provide you with improved processes and technology that will increase your practice revenue and decrease your administrative hassles. Here's what you can expect from us:

ZAS Management Systems develops long-term relationships with our clients by delivering results and giving providers unprecedented control and visibility into their practices. Our financial interests are 100% aligned with our clients. We view ourselves as a partner and an extension of their workforce, well beyond the traditional role of an outsourced vendor. We take great pride in listening and responding to all of our clients' needs and provide complete transparency and accountability. Regardless of practice size, we will ensure that your providers receive the highest level of service while we strive to improve your operational efficiency and increase collection rates.

Here's how we do it:

Simplified, more efficient billing processes with diligent follow-up

  • Implement enhanced initial processes

    • Our simple, easy to implement processes allow newly established practices to get up and running more quickly.
  • Accurate charge capture and payment entry

    • Our certified, experienced coders ensure that all visits are coded appropriately the first time.
    • We give clients the flexibility to enter charges, insurance information, and co-payments directly into our web-based system using a customized electronic superbill.
    • All other data-entry is handled by ZAS directly.
    • We ensure accurate and optimized coding and billing that will increase your revenue.
  • Clean Claims to start

    • All charges are reviewed and scrubbed by ZAS before they are submitted, we ensure "clean claims".
    • Our goal is to bill for services correctly the first time and to decrease payment turnaround time.
  • Quick Filing:

    • ZAS submits most claims within 24 hours
    • The more quickly claims are submitted to carriers, the faster payments are received.
  • Electronic Submission:

    • Whenever possible, ZAS submits claims electronically to significantly improve collection time.
  • Electronic Payment Posting and Review:

    • ZAS reviews every EOB to ensure that reimbursements are accurate.
    • We post payments electronically to our web-based system, which allows for immediate submission of secondary claims
  • On-time creation and mailing of patient statements:

    • ZAS creates and sends patient statements whenever there is an outstanding balance.
  • Diligent follow-up:

    • We continue to follow-up until everything is paid or you decide to send the claim to collections.
    • Our accounts receivable department works diligently to pursue all outstanding amounts from both patients and carriers on timely basis. As result, we reduce your client days in accounts receivable and increase your revenue.
  • Customized reporting

    • We provide timely, customized, flexible reporting that creates a clear picture of the practice to help client's manage their goals appropriately.

Decreased administrative hassle for your practice

  • Reduce your FTEs needed for coding/billing tasks:

    • Allow your clinical staff to concentrate on patient care. We support administrative & clerical staff to ensure accuracy and efficiency Patients receive a dedicated toll free number to address their billing questions with ZAS.
  • Provide knowledgeable and professional staff:

    • We maintain the highest level of professionalism when interacting with patients and always represent our client practices well.
    • Knowledgeable and reliable support is just a phone call away
  • Expertly monitor and manage industry changes

    • We follow and implements updates and changes resulting from third party fee schedules and government regulations so your staff doesn't have to.
  • Eliminate maintenance of in-house systems:

    • As part of our service package your practice will be assigned a dedicated client support representative for any technology issues that may arise.
  • Staff turnover is no longer your issue:

    • We manage hiring and ongoing education & management of our billing, coding and support staff.
    • All you have to do is pick up the phone to receive the answers and/or support you need.
    • No excuses, no management of sick-days.

For physicians who are looking for more than just medical billing services, we offer a number of complete fully integrated practice management solutions which can also be paired with certified electronic medical records technology.